Spring Session Blog | 2 of 12: 6 Awesome Projects, 6 mediums!

Spring Session Blog | 2 of 12: 6 Awesome Projects, 6 mediums!

Feb 21, 2023Joey Simon

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Hello Friends!

Let's talk about projects today! Creativity & art inspired by the fascinating lives of artists!

Surprise! Instead of having the kids choose between 2 projects, we decided we are going to do a whole lot more projects! In this 6 week session, we will complete 6 projects, in 6 different mediums!

Some projects will be small, but so much fun projects, and some will be more intricate! We will do a few steps on a couple projects during the class.

Let's get right into it!

Project #1—Charcoal Study & Acrylic & Modelling Paste on Stretched Canvas

Make paint and learn what happened when Van Gogh moved to Paris!

Van Gogh moves to Paris and it is there his very original style starts to develop after meeting the impressionist painters and learning about colourful Japanese art!

After creating a charcoal study of our painting, we will paint in Vincent's very thick painting style by using professional acrylics and modelling paste using quick brush strokes.

We will also learn how to use a mortar and pestel to make paint!

Project #2—Watercolour Painting

Paint tubes are invented!

Van Gogh loved to paint in nature and the invention of paint tubes made this possible!

Project #3—Sunflower Clay Vase

Using a cylinder form students will create their own vase to start their very own sunflower seeds.

Project #4—Mini Painting & Easel

Kids love mini, cute, cats and art and this project checks all the boxes! Kids will get a mini easel and create a 3x3 canvas Vincent inspired cat using his inventive dots, dashes and swirls techniques.

Project #5—Mini Van Goghs!

Beautiful clay quilling diorama inspired by Vincent and his preference to paint en plein air (in nature) in the South of France. Students will learn how to knead, quill & create this Van Gogh scene.

Project #6 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas Finger Painting

Ok, for this one things are going to get messy! Vincent very often painted by using paint from the tubes and using his fingers to mix and blend. So, that sounds fun, so let's do that! Kids will create a beautiful landscape scene inspired by Van Gogh's beautiful home country, the Netherlands. 

And so here are our 6 mediums:
  • Clay
  • Drawing & Charcoal
  • Acrylics
  • Oven-Bake Clay
  • Watercolour
  • Finger Painting!

Quick Spring Exploratory reminders:
  1. Kids can bring a water bottle.
  2. Kids will get messy - wear old clothes and shoes. These clothes will always be your messy clothes after class and we use professional art supplies!
  3. Please talk with students about appropriate behaviour and listening before the class. We want to ensure a fun, safe and respectful environment for every one!

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